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Worlds of Expression

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An extended virtual destination of ALTAVA that enables you to participate in the future of commerce and engage with multiple worlds across the metaverse.

Buy and sell interoperable NFT fashion, beauty, music, lifestyle collectibles that we have created with luxury houses, designers, and selected collaborators. Multiply your Worlds of Expression by unlocking your NFT in ALTAVA, utilizing it with your avatar, and playing in other virtual worlds.

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Luxury IP based NFTs

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Utility on ALTAVA metaverse

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Interoperability on metaverse

ALTAVA creates 3D virtual collectibles from the world’s leading luxury fashion brands.

(Photo: Ruby9100m from Club Media in Balmain A/W21 NFT piece)

Redeem your luxury fashion NFT to clothe your avatar in ALTAVA Worlds of You, our social commerce platform for luxury fashion.

Luxury fashion NFTs are becoming interoperable assets that can be used in multiple virtual worlds.

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